The Story of Bill 88

picThe systemic gap that leaves some of Ontario’s children in need behind came to my attention out of the historic leaving care hearings at Queen’s Park shortly after I was elected in fall 2011.

That day, Justice for Children and Youth, a legal aid office assisting low income youth, gave a voice to the youth they serve often coming from bad situations at home and often homeless.

That was the start of a two year journey where Bill 88: Youth Right to Care would be developed with consultation from youth and the greater child welfare community.

I introduced the bill on June 05, 2013 and debated it at Second Reading on September 19, 2013. I am proud to say that it received unanimous support in the Legislature by all parties. Shortly afterward, province-wide outreach to our office confirmed what we had come to know – this change is long over-due! That is why we have launched a Community and Social Services tour that will feature the Youth Right to Care bill.

We need your help to compel the current Ontario government to call this bill into committee and later to Third Reading before it can become law and change lives.

Please click Support Bill 88 to see what you can do and see The Bill 88 Tour to come out to show your support or participate.

Kindest regards,

MPP Rod Jackson (Barrie)
PC Critic for Community and Social Services

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